Swift Coach Hire Environmental Policy

Our Promise At Swift Coach Hire, we care about the planet. We want to do our part to keep it clean and safe. That's why we're working hard to make our mini bus and coach hire services better for the environment.
What We Want to Do
1. Cleaner Buses and Coaches: We're always looking to get newer buses and coaches that don't pollute as much.
2. Less Waste: We try to recycle as much as we can and not throw away things that can be used again.
3. Save Energy: We want to use less water, fuel, and electricity in everything we do.
4. Teach Our Team: We make sure our team knows how to work in a way that's good for the planet.
5. Work with Good People: We choose to work with other companies that care about the environment like we do.
How We Work
Smart Driving: We teach our drivers to drive in a way that uses less fuel.
Look After Our Buses: We check our buses and coaches often to make sure they're working well and not harming the environment.
Use Less Paper: We try to do things online, like sending bills or taking bookings, so we don't need to use paper.
Helping Our Community We want to be a part of our local community's efforts to look after the environment. We support events that teach people about being green and help in local clean-up activities.
Always Getting Better We always want to do better. So, we'll keep checking how we're doing and find new ways to be kinder to the environment with our mini bus and coach hire services.
Final Words We're not just talking; we're doing. We promise to keep working hard to make our mini bus and coach hire services as green as possible.


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